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Honeycomb Core Machine

Operating from Suzhou, China, we are the topmost manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Honeycomb Core Machine. Our honeycomb core machine has 3 double sided shafts for paper roll and the maximum paper roll diameter is 1300 mm. It can resist the maximum paper roll weight of about 2.5 tons. The machine ensures efficiency as well as reliability to the customer. We deliver the machine in the safest packaging to avoid transit defects.

Paper Honeycomb Core Production Line

shafts for paper roll quantity 3 double sided
max. paper roll diameter, mm 1300mm
max. paper roll width, m m 1800mm/2000mm/2200mm
max. paper roll weight, kg 2.5ton
min. paper roll diameter, mm 500mm
min. paper roll width, mm 800 mm
max. core belt width after side cutting (extended), mm 1550mm
min. core belt width after side cutting (extended),mm 800mm
max. core belt thickness, mm 100mm
min. core belt thickness, mm 8mm
max. paper roll inner core diameter, mm 76mm
min. paper roll inner core diameter, mm 76mm
diameter of cores, mm Suggest 8/10/12/15
min. g/m2 of paper raw material 100g
max. g/m2 of paper raw material 250g
vertical or horizontal cutting type horizontal cutting type
cutting speed, cuts/min 350-550cuts/min
Type of glue pva
glue sprayer rolling glue
capacity of ready product, tons/8 hour Ñ�аÑ�ов 8-10ton
Option for moister coming out to be installed Channel on cell edge